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The Travel Banter Story

Four years ago, I was browsing my Twitter feed and noticed lots of conversations happening. Travelers were sharing stories in Twitter chats, live Q&A sessions at a set time and date around a hashtag.

I started joining chats, and became inspired by the travelers. And, that’s where the journey with launching my own Twitter chat began. On November 13, 2014, I launched my very first #CultureTravChat to start conversations around culture and travel. 

Travel Banter is the byproduct of 100s of travel conversations on Twitter. 

Sometimes the people we see the most, we don’t always know the best. Their photos appear on social media but do we really know the details behind the exciting adventures they’ve had? You want to get to know people. But, sometimes you don’t know what questions to ask…

Wouldn’t it be great to have more engaging questions to ask to create a better conversation? Travel Banter gives you a fun and easy way to bring you closer together, and share memorable moments.

-Nicolette Orlemans, Founder of Travel Banter 


Why Travel Banter?

Great for Meetups

Get inspired by conversation topics and start exchanging stories.

Common Ground

Learn about mutual interests, shared experiences and discover new things.

Cut the Small Talk

Break away from the typical "what do you do for a living?" conversations.

Meet the Travel Banter team

Nicolette Orlemans


Nicolette is the founder of Travel Banter and CultureTrav. She has extensive experience in social media management and communications strategy. Nicolette lives in New York, NY. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram, @nicolette_o.

Samuel Calvo

Website administrator

Samuel is a website administrator assistant and graphic designer for CultureTrav and Travel Banter. Sam lives in Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. 

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