Conversation Starter Cards

Inspired by travelers for travelers.

Inspired by a worldwide travel community, Travel Banter creates fun and engaging conversations. Play the game on the road, at a meetup, with family and friends, use it with ESL students, and get to know strangers as you travel.

5 categories

Questions are divided into 5 categories: Arts & Culture, Food & Drink, Life & Lessons, Culture, and People.

Challenge Cards

Some of the questions are light and fun, and some will make you think in a way that’s engaging and enjoyable.

98 Conversation Starter Questions

2 conversation questions on one side and 1 community-featured picture on the other side.

Fun & Laughs

Great conversations, deeper connections, and endlessly fun!



travel banter

98 conversation starter questions inspired by a community of travelers. Cards have a traveler-featured photo taken by travel bloggers, photographers and avid travelers.

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Photos in Travel Banter
Photos taken by bloggers, photographers, and travelers all over the world

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